Paws Studio

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Compliance Report

Paws Studio is a compliance solution which is cost effective, easy to use and produces compliance reports in seconds on your workstations and servers. 

Paws Studio is a Compliance Solution Which Can:

• Audit against and edit pre-defined compliance policies such as OVAL, SANS, NERC, PCI DSS, NSA and STIGs 

• There is support for the OVAL Vulnerability Policy as well as compliance

• Theme your compliance report throughout with your own company branding

• Create and modify your own workstation and server compliance policies using the Policy Editor

• Collect compliance audit information remotely or audit offline with our unique Data Collector (leaves no footprint)

• Use the Paws Studio recommendations to quickly solve potential compliance issues

• Script your compliance audit so that they can be written into your existing processes 

• Export your compliance report into PDF, CSV, XML and HTML

• Produce management summaries which can be used by all levels of your organisation


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