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Security Audit Software

Nipper Studio Network Security Auditing Tool Report PageDuring a network audit Nipper Studio processes the devices’ native configurations and enables you to create a variety of different audit reports. By using traditional methodology for your network audit, such as manual Penetration Testing, Agent-based software and Network Scanners, you could experience various drawbacks, which does not affect Nipper Studio security audit software:

  • Network scanners send huge numbers of network probes to a device and can impact performance. Only exposed vulnerabilities are identified, potentially missing many issues.  

  • Agent-based audit software requires software to be installed on the devices during the network audit. This is not possible for all devices and can introduce additional security vulnerabilities.  

  • Manual Penetration Tests examine individual network devices in detail. However this is slow, expensive and results in point in time audits of only a sample of devices.  

   Nipper Studio- The Unique Solution 

  • Flatten the vulnerability assessment process and reduce human error by automatically producing an instant, device specific configuration report, readable by non-technical experts  

  • Achieve significant cost savings by automating a detailed configuration vulnerability analysis, typically provided by costly external Penetration Testing   

  • Improve the productivity and scope of the network audit by quickly performing a thorough vulnerability assessment of multiple complex network devices, providing a detailed security audit report, unachievable with vulnerability scanning technologies  

  • Stay secure as our security audit software requires no additional services on the device or agents to be installed and can audit the network devices without connecting or scanning them

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