ICT Governance framework Setup

ICT involves huge investment and can become a drain to the organizations’ resources if a proper governance framework that guides its practice is not in place. The lack of such framework can also lead to monumental losses through fraud, compromise or damage to information assets or the ICT infrastructure.

The primary goals of an ICT Governance framework are to assure that the investments in ICT generate business value, and to mitigate the risks that are associated with ICT. This can be done by

  • implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles for the responsibility of information;
  • development and deployment of business processes, policies and standards;
  • deployment and management of applications and infrastructure;
  • Development of an ICT Strategy that gives focus and a framework for future ICT investments and projects, linking these into the priorities of the organization Plan in support of its Strategy

Our consultants would develop an ICT Governance framework for your organization based on known world standards like COBIT and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes based on ITIL.

We would also audit your current ICT deployment, align it with your business strategies and competition activities andenhance your ICT function to play the business enabler role it is designed for.


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